A4 & A3 TABS

A4 Supplies is your #1 source for every kind of A4 Tab Stock or Index Divider!

Mylar Coated A4 Index Dividers

Our best-selling product is this standard A4 tab stock with a clear mylar coating on the extended portion of the tab.  We carry an insane amount of mylar-coated tab stock: 3-bank, 4-bank, 5-bank, 6-bank, 8-bank, and 10-bank A4 mylar coated tabs that are ready to ship today! These tabs are imprintable using copier equipment, clear adhesive labels, a Sharpie, or a ball-point pen.

Uncoated A4 Index Dividers

Just like our best-selling mylar-coated tab stock…but without the mylar coating! Available in 3-bank, 4-bank, 5-bank, 6-bank, 8-bank and 10-bank sizing, all ready to ship today.  Print them yourself or let us print them for you!

Pre-Printed A4 Index Dividers

A great way to customize your document is with our pre-printed A4 tab dividers.  Add some color and liven up your presentations!

Clear Adhesive A4 Divider Tab Labels

A great solution for last-minute projects. Our 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of clear adhesive labels are designed to run through the bypass tray of your office copier or your ink jet printer.

Do you need an A4 tab that we don’t stock?

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