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Custom Tab Printing

Basically, anything that a customer can dream up, we can print and have ready to ship in 3 to 5 business days. I will elaborate in the coming days.

Basic Tab Printing

First, basic tab printing is on one side only, black text only, and with printing only on the tab. Anything printed on both sides, with color, or on the “belly” of the sheet is a custom job. We can print in black text on the extended portion of the tab same day if necessary. I […]

Drilling (2-Hole)

We can drill tabs for our customers. The pricing matrix for drilling is attached. Pricing is the same for each drilling format. 4-hole drilling is the most common. The holes are 8cm apart, centered on the 11.69” edge (297mm). 2-hole drilling is also an excepted international standard. The holes are 8cm apart, centered on the […]

Pre-Printed A4 Tabs

These are going to look just like those crappy looking multi-colored Avery tabs you can get at any office supply big box.