10 Awesomely Nerdy Pop Culture Inspired Office Supplies

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

There’s no better way to spruce up a cubicle than by sprinkling a few pop culture references right on the desk. Sure, you can always buy a mug with some sort of nerdy reference on it, but that’s what everyone does. And you’re not everyone. You’re way cooler. So why not take it to the next level and embrace one (or several) of these awesomely nerdy pop culture inspired office supplies? Think of them as conversation pieces you can actually use to get work done.

Red Swingline Stapler (Office Space)

Price: $14.11, Available at Amazon.com

Even if you’re going to go all hipster and claim Milton’s red Swingline has gone too mainstream, it’s still the office supply that started it all. Plus, there’s something to be said for the subtlety of just letting the famous red stapler sit on your desk next to a giant pile of TPS reports.

Dunder Mifflin Paper (The Office)

Price: $9.98, Available at NBCStore.com

Whether or not you have your own printer, there’s no shame in making sure your office is stocked with a ream of Dunder Mifflin paper. Maybe a less bloated (and arguably far superior) batch of paper from Wernham Hogg would be more to your liking, but this direct from Scranton office supply still gets the job done.

Sting Letter Opener (Lord of the Rings)

Price: $49.99, Available at TolkienTown.com

It may not glow when invoices are near, but it’s definitely the type of letter opener you can wield with pride. While others are working through incoming mail with conventional tools (or their laughably primitive use of fingers) you’ll be brandishing an Elven blade.

Tetris Sticky Notes

Price: $17.00, Available at Infmetry.com

What better way to leave passive aggressive notes all over the office than with useless ‘S’ and ‘Z’ pieces? Save the long skinny pieces and blocks for your own memos and share those Ls, Js, and Ts, with anyone who will take ‘em…all while humming Russian folk songs.

Lightsaber Pens (Star Wars)

Price: $19.99, Available at ThinkGeek.com

Issue good checks with your green pen and bad checks with red. Harness the power of the force as you finalize multi-million dollar deals. Write your name on the dotted line and cement your place as an office legend…or, at the very least, you can use these to sign for your Jimmy John’s order when the delivery guy forgets his pen.

Aperture Laboratories Mouse Pad (Portal)

Price: $15.95, Available at Amazon.com

A mouse pad might not be the most glamorous of office supplies, but if you’re rockin’ a glass desk and an optical mouse it’s still a must have. Why not amp up your geek quotient by expressing love for everyone’s favorite shower curtain manufacturer? As if that’s not enough, it’ll also allow you to daydream of doing science while plodding away on your computer.

Sheinhardt Wig Company Personalized Name Plate (30 Rock)

Price: $29.95, Available at NBCStore.com

Obviously you’re a big enough fish that everyone already knows who you are. Still, it doesn’t hurt to remind everyone with a classic (and classy) name plate from the parent company of NBC, Winnipeg Iron Works, and AHP Chanagi Party Meats. Jack Donaghy would be proud.

Iron Throne Paperweight (Game of Thrones)

Price: $59.99, Available at HBO.com

Wield your power by crushing papers and loose receipts beneath your very own Iron Throne. At first glance it might seem like a waste of money, but with the heft of this ridiculously overpowered paperweight you’ll also have the perfect weapon for dealing with potential interoffice backstabbers and would be usurpers.

BatPhone (Batman)

Price: $125.00, Available at RedHotPhones.com

Who needs to place outgoing calls when you can sit in giddy anticipation of someone calling your office on a freakin’ BatPhone!? Even if it’s only a wrong number, you’ll always have the momentary thrill of blinking red lights coupled with impending adventure…before sensing the disappointment on the other end of the line when the caller hears your voice.

Custom Made Avengers Themed Desk

Price: TBD, Available at TomSpinaDesigns.com

There are plenty of desks that convey power, but very few designed to convey superpowers. This custom built piece from the same artists who built the equally amazing Han Solo in Carbonite desk would give you the upper hand in any meeting. Even if you have to sell a little company stock to pay for your new desk, it’ll be worth it when you’re the only one in the office boasting a replica of Captain America’s shield.